Dog Training Review

Welcome to my dog training review.  Does your dog pull on the leash when walking?  Is your dog hyperactive?  Do you have a dog that barks constantly or chews the furniture?  Or maybe you just got a new puppy and you want the knowledge on how to train it so you can avoid all those problems.  I have a short video about it here as well.

Hello.  My name is Beryl but my friends call me “Sweetie Pie”and welcome to Wickspix4u.  My goal here is to provide you with an honest and unbiased review of Doggy Dan’s online dog training course.  I will not deceive you with falsehoods to get you to buy a product just so I can make a commission.  In fact, I’ll tell you about a FREE 3-day offer later on but first, let’s start by meeting your SPCA endorsed instructor,  Doggy Dan.

I’ll break it down section by section.  I have reviewed this product and am thoroughly impressed.  I’m fairly new to owning and training dogs.  My Husband has owned several dogs in his life and has trained them all himself so he knows a little about what it takes.  We have 2 now,  Jack and Penny.

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I’m also a naturalist so I tend to favor doing things “the way it was supposed to be”.  That is just one of the things Doggy Dan does that I can really respect.  He uses the technique called “Pack Training”. Pack–Leader Dogs are pack animals and that is how you need to react with them.  Kind of like speaking their language.  When you bring a dog into your family, he or she becomes a member of your pack. Every pack needs a leader and in order to have a great relationship with your dog,  YOU need to be the pack leader.  If your dog considers itself to be the pack leader,  you will most likely have problem behavior and this dog training review is for you.

How many of you have the problem of your dog pulling on the leash?  Are you walking the dog or is the dog walking you?  Here is a free video for you just for getting this far in my review,  compliments of Doggy Dan and myself.  It is a good example of Doggy Dan in action.

On with the review.  Let’s start with the website itself.  When you become a member you will arrive at a website that is really well done.  The color scheme is pleasant and easy to read.  Pictures are clear and crisp.  It uses the hover format so when you hover your cursor over a tab,  it displays all the topics in the tab.  If a topic has an arrow beside it,  you merely hover your cursor over it and more topics are displayed. Puppy-Training This makes the site very easy to navigate as well as finding things quickly.  This is very helpful because there is so much information on the Online Dog Trainer.

Let’s talk videos.  Personally,  I’m a hands on kind of girl.  I can learn a lot more by watching somebody do it than I can by reading it out of a book.  If you’re like me then you’ll love this site.  With over 250 videos that total about 20 hours,  you will have no problem implementing Doggy Dan’s techniques.  These videos aren’t just of Dan talking but of him actually working with the dogs.  The camera is rolling as Dan goes to real customers houses and works with their dogs.  You get to see the dog doing his bad behavior.  You will watch as Dan establishes himself as the leader and shows you step by step how to correct the problems.

Watch how Dan’s calm and gentle approach is so effective.  No shouting,  no rattling cans with pebbles in them.  No trying to scare the dog.  The key to the whole approach is to become the pack leader.  There is a section devoted to becoming the pack leader in 5 easy steps and Dan uses videos to demonstrate.  Makes perfect sense and the videos really do help you.

Next,  who doesn’t melt when they see a little 8 week old puppy?  This has to be my favorite section on the whole website.  If you’re thinking about getting a puppy anytime in the near future,  The Online Dog Trainer website is a must.  The section is called Project Moses.  It starts out with Doggy Dan actually going to the SPCA and picking up his new 8 week old puppy,  Moses.  This is truly a remarkable video series and well worth the money for this section alone.

The cameras roll from when Dan picks him up,  to when he brings him home and even introduces him to his family and other dogs.  There are numerous videos of Moses for every week of his life all the way through the current time and he is almost a year old.  This is like being with Dan for a whole year while he trains Moses.  How about this video for example,  go with Moses on his first car ride.

See What I mean? This feature is so amazing and you can raise your new pup the same way. I could spend a lot of time here because I was so impressed with Project Moses but let’s move on.

Another great section at The Online Dog Trainer is the forum section.  This is where you can go with questions and believe me,  Dan personally answers all the questions and he does it in depth.  TODT-Forum-Page-Image-2He doesn’t give you a quick yes or no then off to the next person.  He takes his time to make sure you understand thus insuring both you and your dog get the full benefit.

There are audio files throughout the course located in strategic places.  Maybe you’ve already watched the video and while you’re riding the bus you want to listen to it again.  Very helpful indeed.

I also found the website to be very helpful with people who already have a dog and would like to correct some behavioral problems.  These problems might be;

-not coming when called

-pulling on the leash

-jumping up on the furniture

-jumping up on people

-running away

-barking at the door,  in the car or around the property

-aggression towards people or other animals

-hyperactivity and many more.

In the videos, Doggy Dan not only explains why the dog is doing it but shows you how to correct it.

I found numerous testimonials from satisfied customers and have listed some on my testimonials page.

This is truly a great website with extremely valuable information and what really welds the whole thing together is Doggy Dan himself.  This charismatic young Man is extremely knowledgeable about dog training.  His calm approach really shows his love for the dog.  His goal is to help you have the dog you’ve always wanted and his course makes it possible.  I would call him the online dog whisperer.

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Still undecided?  Really??  OK,  how about this,  Doggy Dan offers a 3 day trial for FREE. Yes, you read it right, FREE.  You can’t beat that with a stick.  What better way to see what you’re getting for FREE.

Many dog trainers will sell a book or maybe a DVD for 3 times as much as what you’ll pay here and most will only address the symptoms.  Another thing I really liked about The Online Dog Trainer is that watching the videos is like having Doggy Dan come right into your living room.  If you were to get an experienced dog trainer to come to your house and work with you and your dog you would be paying $300 to $400.

I find it hard to believe that anybody would be dissatisfied with this course but in the event that you are,  it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.  You really have nothing to lose.

To sum it all up,  you get an incredible source of information all endorsed by the national SPCA.  Over 20 hours of “how to” videos.  Access to Dan himself in the forum. TODT-Full-Package2 A complete section on how to become the pack leader,  which is vital.  A priceless tutorial with videos every step of the way on raising an 8 week old puppy to adulthood.  Multiple behavior issues covered for your current pet,  all with non aggressive techniques,  in your home 24 hours a day,  7 days a week on your PC or even a mobile device.

For the novice as well as the seasoned dog owner,  this is by far the best course out there and because of that,  it is one of Wickspix4u.  I do hope you’ve enjoyed the Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Training Review.  Thank you, Sweetie Pie.

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